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I see you include B-Vitamins into your Protein Formulas. Why is this done when most other brands don’t seem to?

Of all the vitamins required for optimal health and muscle gain, the B-complex (several vitamins that are grouped together because of the loose similarities in their properties, their distribution in natural sources, and their physiological functions) could be the most important as their effects are multifarious and specifically beneficial to bodybuilders and sports people.

All of the B-vitamins play a role in facilitating the metabolic processes of all forms of animal life, and most have been termed coenzymes (small molecules (not proteins but sometimes vitamins) essential for the activity of some enzymes). Although B-vitamins act individually, in specific ways, the interaction of all B-vitamins ensure that one is kept healthy to grow and reproduce properly.

Additional functions of B-vitamins include the conversion of food to fuel for energy production purposes and the maintenance of healthy nervous system function. Certain B-vitamins also help to keep the cardiovascular system healthy. We also add B-vitamins to help the absorption of all the other ingredients in our Protein Formulas.

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