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How would you compare the Rave formula to Red Bull?

The Rave formula is designed to achieve similar energy producing effects on its users as compared to Red Bull and other drink based formulas. However, consumption is quiet different. Where as the Red Bull delivers its active ingredients in a liquid drink base, the ingredients in Rave are presented in a capsule for a convenient, no fuss way of supporting your nutritional requirements. Great to carry about in your gym bag to have on tap. No refrigeration required, just wash down each capsule with water or juice... Both products are designed to increase your energy levels through the use of caffeine and other ingredients that also support energy and motivation. Caffeine is a power and energy accelerant… It is used by sports people from all sporting codes to help energize their bodies to cope with intense powerful workouts and training sessions. Caffeine is fast acting and delivers the right molecular structure to your energy systems for maximum energy and power output.

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