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What are Food Type Dietary Supplements?

Food Type Dietary Supplements (FTDS): .... FTDS are generally food based ingredients such as herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals presented (singularly or combined) to provide supplementation to a nutritional diet. They are not designed to prevent, cure or treat a disease or ailment in the human body. With this in mind, Syn-Tec products have been designed to aid sports people in achieving their sporting nutritional and performance goals. Syn-Tec as a manufacturer and distributor has always made reference to the fact that Syn-Tec products should be used in conjunction with a physical training or exercise program and are not a sole source of nutrition. Sports people are usually well informed of their nutritional needs and are often under advisement from a coach or health care professional. FTDS are a supplementation aid to help support a sports person’s nutritional intake of the food required to help achieve their sporting performance goals. For example, extra Protein (amino acids), vitamins, minerals and herbal foods are often consumed in larger quantities by a sports person, than would be expected to be consumed by a normal person. This is why concentrated dietary supplementation is often used by sports people and as sports play a big part in many peoples every day life as a collective group, it is recognized that being overly restrictive in the supply of food type ingredients traditionally used by sports people is not appropriate and there is a need and demand for a class of nutritional foods and concentrated nutritional supplements to be easily accessible by all. To this effect the Australian and New Zealand Food Administration are working on new regulations which cover formulated supplementary sports foods. We expect that this class of nutritional supplements will include many of the ingredients currently being used by sports people all around the world.

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