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Fat Loss - Top Sellers

Six Pack

Our Leanest Protein with 6 x Fat Burning Ingredients

1.3kg $94.90
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Weight Management Pre-Workout Burner

700g $87.90
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Top Selling Natural Herb Extract Fat Burner

7 Weeks $99.90
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Conjugated Linoleic Acid Weight Management Support

90 Capsules $49.00
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Lean Muscle Gain - Top Sellers


90% Protein With Added BCAA, AAKG, L-Glutamine & Creatine

3kg $169.90
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Ground Zero

Zero Sugar Explosive Packed Muscle Building Pre-Workout

450g $67.90
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The Compressor

Concentrated Pure Form Amino Acid Recovery

400g $59.90


Branch Chain Amino Acids Pure Powder Minimal Flavouring

300g $59.90
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Mass Muscle Gain - Top Sellers


Muscle Formula Added BCAA, AAKG, L-Glutamine & Creatine

3kg $109.90
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Prime Evil

Explosive High Sim Muscle Gain Pre-Workout

350kg $55.90


Mass Gain Creatine Transport Intra & Post Workout Formula

1.5kg $69.00


Tribulus Terrestris 90% steroidal saponins 40% Protodioscin

120 Capsules $89.90

Performance / Recovery / Pre-Comp - Top Sellers


Ultra Lean Superior Whey Protein with added Amino Acids

1.5kg $99.90
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Ground Zero

Zero Sugar Explosive Packed Lean Muscle Pre-workout

450g $67.90
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Complete Pure Form Amino Acid Protein Recovery Formula

500g $86.90
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Help Transport Fat Into The Mitochondria To Be Used As Fuel

200g $59.90

Syn-Tec Supplements - Sports Nutrition & Bodybuilding Supplements Designed Without Compromise

We bring you the most comprehensive range of Performance and Bodybuilding Supplements in Australia.

We are continually adapting to new science and provide the most accurate supplement formulas available.

That we are able to bring our formulas from manufacturing direct to you, you save on price while not having to compromise on quality.

We courier all orders with reliable fast delivery Australia wide.


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